Wednesday, August 23, 2006

You be the judge

I've just heard on the radio that scientists have discovered that cows moo with a regional accent. Presumably there was some kind of Government grant for this research, meanwhile we still don't have a cure for cancer. Views?


Anonymous said...

cor moo, eh?

old git said...

I suppose a Scottish cow would say "och-aye the moo"

lisa said...

"cow accent?!" That's about as bad as the "gift" bags the stars get at their lame-ass award shows! At least they are finally being taxed! Why hasn't any "star" suggested the award venues donate that $50,000 or so to a worthwhile charity, instead of just hawking the latest crap? It's a drag that gluttenous waste is so's almost no wonder that other peoples hate our society so much when we come off as so wasteful. The saving grace, I think, is the internet...where we can all converse, and realize that we all actually want the same thing-peace and be ourselves and believe what we wish without fear of persecution. (unless you just want to go to bed witout being which case you need a snack from the $50,000 gift bag...)