Friday, August 25, 2006

Ray Comfort - the atheists nightmare

This man is a glans.
If you don't believe me, watch this.


Matt said...

*shakes head*

What a poor fool. He seemed to enjoy his rather phallic demo a little too much though.

Mojoey said...

Thank for the link to this video. I had a good laugh from it.

I've added you to my blogroll on Deep Thoughts. Thanks for posting to my site. I will be sure to visit your site again in the future.

Goatboy said...

Thanks matey.


Mr. Kirby said...

I've actually taken the Way of the Master program, from Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. That particular segment was meant to be a joke, so we could have a good laugh. He's actually a funny guy. You can actually see Kirk Cameron laughing in the video as Ray explains the atheist’s nightmare.

However, he does make a few serious points that most Christians would take issue with (theological issues).

Goatboy said...

Such as...

Mr. Kirby said...

I didn't think you would be interested in theological issues.

He presents the gospel from a Calvinist view. This is incompatible with Holiness teaching, and the free will view.

He claims to have exclusive rights on evangelism methods. He dismisses any other form of evangelism. He also claims this is the way Jesus evangelized. I think this is blasphemous, as Jesus made no such claims and Comfort’s extrapolation of a select few verses puts him on thin ice to make such bold assertions.

Lastly, Comfort has no time for discipleship. This, I believe goes along with Holiness teaching, however it isn’t strictly so and some Wesleyan Methodist theologians would take me to task on this, so I won’t lump it in the same category.

Comfort believes in confronting the unsaved with the gospel message, and then leaving him or her to fend for him or herself. I believe this is problematic for several reasons. Christianity cannot be understood with one conversation; there is a lot to take in. Most likely a new convert will fall away because there is so much to make sense of; it appears senseless at a glance. Discipleship is key for Christianity. I remember when I converted from atheism; I needed people to guide me. Comfort would have us fend for ourselves in an anti-Christian world.

That is a short of it. I didn't think this is something that would interest you, so I left it out. My apologies.

Have a good evening,