Sunday, December 04, 2005

Is he so wrong? Yup I think he is.

Occasionally, when I'm bored, I click on the "Next Blog" button on the Blogger toolbar and browse the recently updated blogs in search of something interesting. Recently I stumbled across one entitled "Am i so wrong". Now, I'm not normally a stickler for ethics and morals but every once in a while I'll come across someone who really gets on by wick. The author of this particular blog has decided, like many of us, to use his blog as a kind of virtual soap box. A place where he can empty his mind of life's little niggles or post an open question or observational nugget. Most of the time people who do this appear honest and the things that they post are seem to be original works. This dickhead, however, is different.
He has blatantly plagiarised the rantings of the late comedian Bill Hicks. Bill Hicks was possibly the most talented stand up comedian since Lenny Bruce. His insightful and intelligent observations were delivered in a unique, self styled tirade from the age of about 14 to about 34 when he sadly past away.
As you can probably tell Mr Hicks is something of a hero of mine, and yes, I often quote segments of his routine, and no, I probably don't give him credit every time I repeat one of his comments. That’s fair enough I think. If one were to constantly credit the author of every humorous titbit, then they would end up doing very little else. However, if you are challenged as to whether or not the comment was your own or a quote from someone else, I think that honesty is the only option.
My problem with the author of "Am i so wrong" is that when I posted a comment on his site, jokingly making reference to Bill Hicks, he deleted it. The words pussy and moron spring to mind. In reponse to his question: Am I so wrong? the answer would have to be: Yes, I think you probably are.
Obviously I would not advise that anyone else visit this site and post a similar comment to mine, but if you really must, then I cannot stop you.

Oh, I almost forgot. Reading between the lines, it appears that he's lousy in bed as well.

That's all for now.

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Matt said...

Urgh! Had to clear my cache and cookies after visiting that site.