Friday, July 06, 2007

Dr Dino is a bell-end

While basically an atheist at heart, I have nevertheless recently decided to immerse myself in the whole evolution/intelligent degisn "debate".

In the past I have posted on Ray Comfort, an evangelical writer, preacher and broadcaster. The man is a fucking glans, but entertaining nonetheless because he is so unintentionally funny.

However, one other chap that I've come across is Kent Hovind. Now this guy really is a contemptible moron. He is supposedly a doctor and an ex-teacher who goes around taking seminars and debating the subject of creation and evolution. He also calls himself Dr Dino because of his love of dinosaurs.

The trouble with Hovind is that he might be a dick, but he's not stupid. He talks well. By that, I don't mean that he is persuasive in what he says, just in how he says it. Typical preacher really. However, all you have to do is concentrate on the words and you'll see the flaws in his arguments. The trouble is, I don't think that many of the people in his audience do that.

One of his favorite things to say, and he has said at least once in every seminar and debate that I've listened to, is, "If you want to believe in evolution, go ahead. Just don't use my tax dollars to teach this stuff to the kids". Fair comment? Well it might be if Mr Hovind had ever paid any fucking taxes. This twat is currently doing a ten stretch for tax evasion and owes the US governement $600,000.00. The man is a liar and a thief and therefore, everything he says is suspect.

Here is an amusing tribute to him that I found on YouTube.

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