Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Internet Gold

It really is amazing what you come across, just ambling your way through cyberspace. By far and away the best site I've stumbled across recently is: It appears to be a collection of forums and articles dedicated to this subject of a flat Earth. I cannot be absolutely sure but I do believe that some people who post to this site are actually taking it seriously!!!! The best posts are the ones from angry skeptics, who savagely belittle the "flatties" with brilliantly erudite and structured arguments, only to be countered by comments such as "How can you morons think the earth is a sphere? I mean if it was and we are rotating at over 200 mph then how come when we jump we don't end over 123 feet away?". Brilliant!!!
Amongst other things, the Flat Earthers believe that photographs such as this are faked by the government/military for a variety of reasons ranging from the exotic to the downright ridiculous. They also believe that the land masses of the world are surrounded by a giant wall of ice that no one has been able to scale. One fellow has even posted that he is awaiting a government grant to explore the wall of ice (Ahhhh hahahahahahahahaha)
Seriously folks. I am well aware that 90% of the site is a piss take, but some of it, at least, is genuine and it makes for a seriously entertaining read.


PostPunkUnkle said...

Why are there so few of us left who believe that the earth is flat?
Cos most of us have fallen off the edge!

Simon said...


Simon said...

Hey, I just tried the link and got a message saying the site is not available because the owner of the site has reached his bandwith limit.

How ironic!