Saturday, February 11, 2006

A simple observation

Every time a mobile phone text message is sent, an angel gets sucked inside a jet engine.


PostPunkUnkle said...

I have never see any being sucked in when I've been flying. Either I'm on the wrong planes, or no-one sends texts when I'm in a plane. Oh...maybe there aren't any angels! If there are, I'll get texting right away!

Goatboy said...

I can see that you're are taking my comments a tad too literally and that your disbelief of an angelic host is clouding the issue. Therefore I will amend the observation for you only:
Every time I see someone using a mobile phone for text messaging, it gets on my tits.

I hope that clears things up. I thank you.

Matt said...

In true text message styley:

LMFAO - t@ was gr8. c u l8r.

Goatboy said...


Matt said...

In that case:

See You Next Tuesday